Looking for quality ?

500T Bulk

We have a modern and well-equipped factory with advanced machinery, internal controls and a laboratory to manufacture a quality range of oils. Further, we keep our processing unit updated with the latest technology for the best and most efficient processing of our products.

Our oil mill/refinery combines state-of-the-art technology with a good geographical location, best practices throughout the whole chain and good management from top to bottom. These are the key points that we have been focussing on since the start and that have brought us where we are today. Our location next to the river Schelde (Scaldis) gives us a direct connection to the European main ports for Linseed supplies and Linseedoil deliveries to our water-connected customers.

A set of Linseed storage silos allow us to separate different Linseed supplies and then mix a balanced feed into the crushing unit to guarantee production efficiency and stability; and also stability and continuity of the finished products.

In-house and on-line continuous measurement of key parameters of product feed, intermediate products and final outcome enhance the above and further aid to optimise production efficiency over the whole line and to detect any variation in quality to guarantee the most efficient production from the seed until the final product and a continuous quality of the final product for the stability and continuity of our customer’s production.

A complete vertical integration not only strengthens production efficiency and continuity but also guarantees the reputed flexibility that our customers appreciate so much.

In order to comply with the standard regulations and the requirements of the customers, the whole production chain is not only tested by internal and external quality measurements. Certification bodies carry out additional checks to provide permanent guarantee of hygiene and food/feed safety. For this, we are FCA/GMP/HACCP, FSSC-22000, Kosher and Halal certified.