The first step is crushing Linseed to Linseedoil. With an iodine value normally between 180 and 190, Linseedoil is one of the best drying vegetable oils with a variety of applications in the coatings industry:

  • ● paints and varnishes                                                             printing inks ●
    ● alkyd resins                                                                                        sealants ●
    ● linoleum                                                                               pigment pastes ●
    ● rubber                                                                                                  plastics ●


The high content of α-linolenic acid (ALA) makes Linseedoil also the richest vegetable oil in ω3-fatty acids, an essential fatty acid of growing importance and interest in our daily food and feed. ω3-Fatty acids are expected to help prevent several contemporary health problems.

  • ● food (margarine)                                                                                   feed ●