Because of ongoing complications with REACH/ECHA, we have ceased manufacture of our traditional range of Linseed Standoil products as of June 30, 2017. Please CONTACT US for further information.


We are now offering and producing a new range of products with equal or similar characteristics : Low / Medium / High Viscosity Linseedoils with the same viscosity range as before.

The polymerisation of Refined Linseedoil at high temperatures under vacuum results in High Viscosity Linseedoils of various viscosities. Further processing with Refined Linseedoil yields Medium and Low Viscosity Linseedoils.

These processed Linseedoils have excellent pigment wetting and dispersing capabilities and they are a preferred and very effective intermediate between modern short to medium long resins and different types of pigments.


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Because of the combination of their bodied aspect and their drying capacities, they are a functional ingredient in various coatings related products:

● They find general use in traditional wood and floor sealing varnishes, in enamels and in house paints to improve flow, gloss and durability

Low Viscosity Linseedoils can partially replace refined oils as starting material in the production of alkyd resins and varnishes to reduce the process time

High Viscosity Linseedoils can be used as sole binder in flat paints and primers, and can be used as an additive in heatset printing inks to improve the drying and adhesion