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What we do for our customers

Scaldis offers a variety of products and services to meet the needs of our customers for Technical as well as Food and Feed applications.

• Scaldis is your ideal partner when it comes to the supply of existing products.

  • ▪For Technical applications we offer a variety of products for use in paints and varnishes, printing inks, alkyd resins, putties and sealants, linoleum, etc.
  • ▪For Food and Feed applications we offer our Food or Feed Grade Raw Linseedoil. Scaldis is the only producer in Europe that is FSSC-22000 certified and FCA/GMP/HACCP certified. We are both Halal and Kosher certified.

• You want to be best-of-the-best in your business and you expect your key suppliers to be the same.

• Through an open and clear communication you express your targets and expectations and you give your loyal supplier the time and opportunity to reflect on this and come up with his best solution to help achieving this.

• Once you have booked your Linseedoil requirements for the next months you want to have time to focus on your next challenges and work without having to look back and forth whether all your instructions have been clearly noted.

• If market indications or developments open a window of opportunity to forward cover some interesting and promising positions you want your loyal supplier to be alert and proactive so that such occasions can be taken hands-on before other developments close that window.

• If you are facing an unexpected demand, be it somewhat higher or lower, you want your loyal supplier to give you the flexibility to advance/increase or delay/decrease your consumption to the maximum of his possibilities.

• We process the materials to match the specifications as provided by our customers so that they can use the product without any modifications to their process. We are always happy to involve in R&D to develop related products for our clients. This way we help the customer to get the best suited product for their needs.