Refined Linseedoil is a purified Raw Linseedoil that has been heat-stabilised for the further thermal processing during the production of resins, varnishes, polymerized linseedoil or other binders. The oil is refined in 3 stages:

  • > Degumming by centrifugal separation
  • > Bleaching by contact with bleaching earth
  • > Neutralisation by distillation




You may want to use our Refined Linseedoil in any further process where you need to polymerise or co-polymerise a vegetable drying oil into a varnish or resin as a vehicle for your coating. Current fields of application where Refined Linseedoil has proven to be a valuable building block:

● Printing inks: as a binder in sheet-fed offset inks, in oleoresinous printing ink varnishes, as an additive in heatset and coldset printing inks

● Alkyd resins: long and medium oil resins, excellent drying and pigment wetting properties

● Paints and varnishes: owing to its low viscosity it is an ideal starting material for enamels, varnishes, hard gloss paints or similar products and it may also be used as a diluent replacing a part of the solvents

● Epoxidised / Maleinised Linseedoil: Linseedoil vehicles with increased reactivity